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Can Natural Remedies Keep Transplanted Kidney Healthy

2014-08-12 11:55

Kidney Transplant usually is considered as the final treatment for kidney failure, and the transplanted kidney can replace the inherent kidneys to function and maintain the daily activities. But, unfortunately, it is not a perfect treatment, because all the patients after kidney transplant can experience the rejection reaction and other complications, which may damage the transplanted kidney and even lead to kidney failure again, so the patients need to take some measures to keep the transplanted kidney healthy.

Why the patients after kidney transplant need to take natural remedies?

For all the patients with kidney transplant except identical twins transplantation, they need to take immunosuppressor for life. And the dosage form and dose of medicines need to change according to the patients condition under the doctor’s direction. Please remember that do not take the nephrotoxic drugs, such as aminoglycoside gentamycin, amikacin, streptomycin and so on. While, taking these medicine also can not keep your transplanted kidney healthy, so you need to take some natural remedies to protect the transplanted kidney.

What natural remedies can keep transplanted kidney healthy?

Keeping a healthy lifestyle can protect your new kidney from harm, so you need to pay attention to every aspect of your life, such as healthy diet, reasonable schedule, proper exercise, keep your living room clean and ventilated, etc. A healthy lifestyle can help you prevent clods and infection that are main factors that induce kidney failure. As to diet, it depends on your individual condition. If you do not know what diet is suitable for you, you can send us your inspection report to, and we can design a proper diet plan for you.

Besides, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also can keep your transplanted kidney healthy, because it is a good choice for the patients with kidney transplant to prevent relapse and live a normal life. If you want to know this external therapy, you can chat with our online doctors for free information. In short, natural remedies can keep transplanted kidney healthy, if you have any other questions, you are welcome to leave them below, and we will reply you as soon as possible. God bless you!

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