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ESRD: How Long Can I Live with Transplanted Kidney

2014-09-05 18:21

For kidney failure, kidney transplant is regarded as the final treatment for End-Stage Renal Disease. it is a surgery to place a health kidney into your body to take place of your damaged kidney to work. For the patients with ESRD, how long can they live with transplanted kidney?

In fact, as for the life expectancy of kidney transplant, it is different for every individual. A successful kidney transplant can help the patient live a normal life. According to survey data, the patients with transplanted kidney can survive 30 years for the longest. While, it is not common. In general, the transplanted kidney that comes from relative can work eight to twelve years. However, some people just can live several months or years with transplanted kidney.

From the above introduction, you must have a question, why the gap is so big? In fact, many factors can affect the life expectancy of transplanted kidney, and one of the main factors is the complications. And the complications of kidney transplant have renal insufficiency, rejection reaction, renal function decreases and so on. If uncontrolled well, they can shorten the patient’s life span in a great degree.

Besides, diet also is a main factor that affecting the patient’s life expectancy. In general, the basic principle of the diet for the patients with kidney transplant is that supplement proper high quality protein, low fat, low cholesterol, low sugar, proper mineral and vitamins. A proper and healthy diet can help you live a high quality life and longer life. In addition, you also need to pay attention to your medicines, because the patients with kidney transplant need to take immunosuppressant for the lifetime.

In conclusion, a healthy lifestyle and controlling the complications timely can help you live a longer life with transplanted kidney. In fact, if you still have urine, there are alternative treatments for you, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood purification, etc. If you want to know them, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctors for more information. Best wishes!

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