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How to Reduce Creatinine 2.1 after Kidney Transplant

2013-04-27 15:33 How to Reduce Creatinine 2.1 after Kidney Transplant

Doctor, I am transplantation patient and I got my kidney transplant surgery two years ago, but now my creatinine level is 2.1. I know it is dangerous alarm for my transplanted kidney. Is there a natural treatment to reduce creatinine 2.1? Is it possible to make my kidney work normally again?

In most cases, a successful kidney transplant surgery can keep patients’ creatinine level range in the normal fluctuation. Creatinine 2.1 is higher than the normal. If you have a healthy diet plan and do exercise correctly, high creatinine level must occur to remind you to pay attention to kidney damage.

I can deeply understand how kidney disease patients wish they can get a brand new life through kidney transplant and no one want to accept another transplantation. In view of this, the best treatment for them is the one that can not only reduce high creatinine level but also protect this new kidney.

Firstly, most of us must have heard that we are what we eat, that is to say, foods we eat can play an important role in this whole treatment. Usually, cranberry, kiwi fruit, celery and many other fruits are able to help lower high creatinine level and protect remaining kidney function. However, not all people with kidney transplant can consume these foods, because they also contain some other nutritions that may be not suitable for some patients. Therefore, make sure you have consult the kidney experts before eating any of them.

Secondly, some herbal teas may also be helpful. Through increasing the kidney filtering rate, more wastes including creatinine and bun will be removed from the body. Dandelion root, salvia, nettle leaf, etc, all are good choices.

Finally, you also need some other herbal medicines to repair your damaged kidney tissues and improve your kidney function so that it can be achieved to reduce creatinine 2.1 after kidney transplant. You can get more than you expect so long as you take herbal medicines with correct dosage and types.

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