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Complications Of Kidney Transplant

2013-07-08 16:01

Complications Of Kidney TransplantWhat are the complications of kidney transplant? As the last treatment option for people with completely failed kidneys, kidney transplant helps to improve their life expectancy and increase their life span. It is helpful, but meanwhile risky as it can cause a series of complications. Here, we will introduce several common complications of kidney transplant.

1. Infection

Infection is a common complication of kidney transplant. For kidney failure patients, they need to take immunosuppressive medicines to prevent kidney rejection. These medicines works by restrain their immune system from working, which not only helps to lower their risk for kidney rejection, but also increase their risk for infection. Generally, patients need to take antibiotics for 3-6 months to prevent infection after the surgery.

2. Urinary fistula

Urinary fistula is a common urinary complication that kidney transplant patients need to learn about. Urinary fistula refers to the leakage of urine from the collecting system and always occurs as the result of ureteral problems, failure of ureterovesical anastomosis or ischemia and necrosis of the distal ureteral stump.

3. Narrowing of renal artery

Narrowing of renal artery is also known as renal arterial stenosis which may develop months or even years after kidney transplant. According to clinical statistic, the prevalence of renal artery stenosis is around 2% to 10%. This is a sever complication of kidney transplant and may cause sudden increase of blood pressure. Usually, a surgery is needed for kidney transplant patients to deal with this problem.

4. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is another complication of kidney transplant. It causes no obvious symptoms, so it is hard to be found. For this reason, it is very necessary for kidney failure patients who have received kidney transplant to test their blood pressure regularly.

For kidney failure patients who have done kidney transplant, they also run a certain risk for other complications like cancer, ureteral obstruction, internal bleeding and primary non-function and so on. Many of these complications are life-threatening if left uncontrolled or not treated timely, so learning some management about them in advance is very necessary.

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