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Kidney Transplant

Basic knowledge on kidney transplantation, including procedures of kidney transplant surgery, kidney transplant life expectancy, etc.

Proper Diets For Kidney Transplant

We know that weight gain is a common concern among kidney transplant patients, proper diets after kidney transplant are still very important for protecting the new kidney and improve life span of the transplanted kidney. Before kidney trans...Read More

Life Expectancy Of Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is one important and effective treatment for end stage renal disease patients. It can help patients to finally get rid of dialysis and enable patients more kidney functions and longer life expectancy than those that are on...Read More

Dangers of High Blood Pressure after Kidney Transplant

High blood pressure is a common symptom for many kidney transplant patients. Kidneys have function to adjust blood pressure and when kidneys are damaged, the cells making up the blood-vessels walls release an enzyme, renin, which can lead t...Read More

Diet Tips After Kidney Transplant

Proper diets after kidney transplant can not only ensure nutrition supply, but also can improve the patients life quality, slow down function loss of the transplanted kidney, reduce complications of anti-rejection drugs so as to prolong the...Read More

Proper Exercise For Kidney Transplant Patients---Qi Gong

Qi gong is a physical and mental exercises to help both patients and healthy people to improve physical fitness, prevent and treat various chronic diseases, prolong life expectancy and develop potentials through regulating breath, physical...Read More

Why Creatinine Elevates After Kidney Transplant

It is not uncommon that many kidney transplant patients will once again have elevated creatinine level and many of them will start dialysis years or even weeks after the surgery. Before solving the issue, we should know that many kidney tra...Read More

Indications And Contraindications Of Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is a renal surgery in which a healthy kidney will be transplanted into renal failure patient body to replace the failed and necrotic kidney to help get rid of dialysis and regain kidney functions. What are the indications...Read More

Factors Affecting Life Span of Transplanted Kidney

Dialysis and kidney transplant are the major treatments for end stage renal disease patients. Many patients will first take dialysis to sustain their life and when dialysis fails, they would consider kidney transplant. However kidney transp...Read More

How Long Do Kidney Transplant Patients Live

How long can kidney transplant patients live? What is the average life expectancy after kidney transplant? This is the questions that nearly all end stage renal failure patients concern. To be honest, the answer is uncertain. There is great...Read More

Home Nursing Cares for Kidney Transplant Patients

Kidney transplant is an ideal therapy for many end stage renal diseases and it can help restore patients kidney functions. Even though, patients need to pay more attention to their daily life so as to improve the survival rate and life span...Read More

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