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Kidney Transplant

Basic knowledge on kidney transplantation, including procedures of kidney transplant surgery, kidney transplant life expectancy, etc.

What Life Will be After Kidney Transplant

In the western country, both kidney transplant and dialysis are important and effective treatments for end stage kidney disease patients. Compared with dialysis, kidney transplant can make patients have a longer life so it becomes the best...Read More

Can Only Kidney Transplant Treat End Stage Renal Disease

In many countries, kidney transplant is regarded as the only choice for kidney disease patients, especially when conditions develop End Stage Renal Disease, the last stage of kidney disease. At this stage, kidneys have lost nearly all their...Read More

Complications Of Kidney Transplant

What are the complications of kidney transplant? As the last treatment option for people with completely failed kidneys, kidney transplant helps to improve their life expectancy and increase their life span. It is helpful, but meanwhile ris...Read More

Learn About Chronic Allograft Nephropathy

Kidney transplant can be adopted to help kidney failure patients get off or avoid dialysis. It is helpful for these whose kidneys have been failed completely, but one thing we need to realize is Chronic Allograft Nephropathy may occur after...Read More

How to Reduce Creatinine 2.1 after Kidney Transplant

Doctor, I am transplantation patient and I got my kidney transplant surgery two years ago, but now my creatinine level is 2.1. I know it is dangerous alarm for my tran splanted kidney. Is there a natural treatment to reduce creatinine 2.1?...Read More

Life Span for Kidney Failure Patients Who Get Kidney Transplant

What is the life span for kidney failure patients who get kidney transplant? Kidney transplant and dialysis are regarded as the lat two ways for kidney failure patients to further their life. Dialysis is torturous, so kidney transplant beco...Read More

Rapamycin Used in Kidney Transplant

Rapamycin is a common medicine in kidney transplant with immunosuppressive agents. It was identified three decades ago on the basis of its antifungal property. Rapamycin plays an important role in the field of kidney transplant, so it is ne...Read More

Is There Requirement of Dialysis After Kidney Transplantation

Is there requirement of dialysis after kidney transplantation? In theory, kidney failure patients need not to do dialysis again after kidney transplant. However, for some kidney diseases, they have a high reoccurrence rate and in such a cas...Read More

Proper Diets For Kidney Transplant

We know that weight gain is a common concern among kidney transplant patients, proper diets after kidney transplant are still very important for protecting the new kidney and improve life span of the transplanted kidney. Before kidney trans...Read More

Life Expectancy Of Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is one important and effective treatment for end stage renal disease patients. It can help patients to finally get rid of dialysis and enable patients more kidney functions and longer life expectancy than those that are on...Read More

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