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Massage is one of the Chinese medicine treatment methods for kidney diseases.

Hand Massage Can Help The Kidney Failure

Massage has been widely used to treat various chronic kidney disease and it has been proved to be effective at easing symptoms and improving kidney functions by eliminating blood clots, qi stagnation and promoting blood circulation. Hand ma...Read More

Reflexology For Kidney Failure

Reflexology is also called foot massage. There are many acupoints on the feet and nearly every internal organs and every system in the whole body have corresponding reflex zones in the feet. Reflexology has been applied among kidney failure...Read More

Kidney Disease And Massage

Massage is one of Chinas most ancient medical treatment methods. It is one physical therapy in which hands or instruments will be used to rub, knead or gently hit the surface of the patients body so as to regulate the bodys physiological an...Read More

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