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Kidney Disease And Massage

2013-03-02 10:52

massageMassage is one of China’s most ancient medical treatment methods. It is one physical therapy in which hands or instruments will be used to rub, knead or gently hit the surface of the patient’s body so as to regulate the body’s physiological and pathological conditions.

Massage has a wide application which can be used in the departments of traumatology, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, health and beauty. It has particularly good curative effects on chronic diseases and functional diseases. It has been widely adopted in clinic to treat chronic kidney disease and it has been proved to have good curative effects to patients of end stage renal failure without dialysis. With no drugs, with no dialysis, massage can greatly relive symptoms and discomforts, make patients feel more comfortable, improve their life quality and prolong their life span. Of cause this is the most ideal curative effects and we have to admit that not every patient can achieve this.

The key point is to keep on doing massage by professional practitioners. One or two times massage can make patients feel more comfortable, but it can not solve the root problem. After all it takes months or even years to develop chronic kidney disease, so you can not expect to cure the disease with several times of massage. You need to have regular massage, for example 1-2 times each week to consolidate the curative effects.

Massage has the functions of eliminating blood and qi stagnation, dredging meridians so as to promote blood circulation and increase blood flow in the kidneys. The states of renal ischemia and hypoxia can be greatly relieved which is good for the recovering of kidney functions.

After massage, chronic pains can be relieved, digestive functions can be improved and other symptoms can also be relieved.

You need not worry about the cost or side effects. Massage is not very expensive and you can do massage by yourself under the doctor’s guidance. Massage is very comfortable and safe. Since massage can promote circulatory system and metabolism, it is suitable for those that are very old or weak. For children kidney disease patients, massage can help enhance their physical strength and promote immunity.

Mental factors count a lot for kidney disease patients, massage can help relive stress for patients and help improve their sleep quality.

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