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Reflexology For Kidney Failure

2013-03-14 09:46

reflexologyReflexology is also called foot massage. There are many acupoints on the feet and nearly every internal organs and every system in the whole body have corresponding reflex zones in the feet.

Reflexology has been applied among kidney failure patients. It can help relieve symptoms and discomforts for the patients. For those that have advanced kidney damages, reflexology is an important complementary therapy and it can be combined with other medicines and treatments.

During the treatment, the practitioner will massage different parts on the feet according to where the lesion is located. Through stimulating acupoints on the feet, meridians will be dredged, blood clots and qi stagnation will be eliminated and blood circulation in will be promoted. It can help regulate renal disorders as well as in other organs and systems.

Massaging the reflex zones of kidneys, bladder and ureter can help treat kidney failure. It can help improve urinary functions, enhance kidney functions and promote the discharging of toxins and wastes in the body so as to much relieve uremic states in the patient’s body.

Besides kidney failure, reflexology can help treat the following illness conditions.

* Loss of appetitefoot massage

* Diabetes

* Cirrhosis

* Constipation

* Haemorrhoids

* Urinary tract infections

* Prostate disease

* Hyposexuality

Foot massage can not only be used to treat various diseases, it can also be practiced by healthy people to help them strengthen internal organs, improve their physical fitness and disease-resistance ability and prolong life span.

The time of massage

Neither too long nor too short time is good for the healthy. Usually it needs 30-45min in each reflexology to see obvious effects. For those that have very severe illness conditions such as end stage renal failure patients, it can be shortened to 10-20min according to the patient’s specific illness and physical conditions.

Chronic renal failure patients can have 2-4 times foot massage each week; acute renal failure patients or those that have critical illness conditions, they can have one time foot massage every day. The strength and pace of foot massage should vary. For chronic disease, the pace of massage is also slow and for acute disease, critical illness and severe pains, the pace should be quicker.

Half an hour after the reflexology, patients should drink 300-500ml water to help discharge toxic wastes from the body. For patients of serious kidney failure, heart failure or swelling, they can have 150ml water after the massage.

It is not only effective but also safe and affordable for the patients. It is also very comfortable.

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