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Attention: Some Medicines can Cause Kidney Failure

2012-12-03 15:05

renal toxical medicinesKidney failure patients usually need to take long term large amount and a variety of medicines to control the symptoms and relieve discomforts. Though patients might know that all medicines have some poisons to the body, they may not have enough attention to this issue because improper or too much intake of some medicines can even cause kidneys to fail. So let’s see what these medicines are so that patients should have more caution before taking them.

Actually many substances have renal toxicity including medicines (sulfanilamide, carbon tetrachloride, mercurial, bismuth, dichlorphenamide), antibiotics (polymyxin, vancomycin, kanamycin, gentamycin, cephradine Ⅰ, cephradine Ⅱ, neomycin, and iodine contrast agent, methoxyflurane anesthetic), biological toxins (snake venom, bee venom, cantharidin). These materials can all cause acute tubular necrosis under some certain circumstances.

There is one kidney disease called ari-stolochic acid nephropathy which is kidney damage caused by too much or long term intake of aristolochic-containing medicines such as caulis aristolochiae manshuriensis, aristolochia fangchi, herba aristolochiae, etc.

The prognosis of ari-stolochic acid nephropathy is poor it is a kind of rapidly progressive renal tubular interstitial disease . Some patients’ kidney functions can be partly recovered or become relatibely stable while in most cases, the renal damages can not be reversed and the renal survival rate is only 17% within 2 years which is obviously lower than other types of tubular interstitial diseases. In a few cases, the kidney functions will become progressively worse and the illness will enter into end stage within 1 year.

Weather it is acute or chronic kidney damages, there is at present no effective treatment and more emphasis should be paid on prevention. Therefore the taking of the above mentioned medicines should under professional doctor’s guidance and avoid impairing renal functions due to excessive intake.

For treating kidney failure, the first principle is to avoid further kidney damages and to protecting and preserving remaining renal tissues and renal functions. That is why accurate diagnosis is necessary and important. We need to know which part of the kidney is damaged and the severity so that the treatments and medicines can be more targeted and the dosage of the medicines can be more precise.

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