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Be Careful of the Medication in Dealing with Kidney Failure

2014-03-23 23:13

Be Careful of the Medication in Dealing with Kidney Failure  Medication is unavoidable when we are ill. But all medicines are poisonous to our body. If you are patient with kidney disease, you should be careful of the medication. Improper use of medicines will increase the damage in kidney failure.

How does medication increase kidney damage?

As we all know, kidneys are the important filtration organs. They are responsible to filter the toxins and metabolic waste in blood to keep the blood clean. Almost all the medicines we take need to be filtered after they taking effects. But when kidneys have problems, the filtration function will be declined. As a consequence, the drugs and their metabolisms will accumulate in blood and pose burden to kidneys. So you must pay more attention when you take medicines. Not all medicines are allowed to you, especially you are with kidney disease.

What should you notice with the medication?

-Do not take medicines by yourself. Do consult your doctor before you decide to take medicines.

-Try to avoid nephrotoxic drugs when you take medication to deal with kidney disease.

-The serum creatinine level and GFR are important. Doctors should regulate the dosage of drugs in time according to the condition of serum creatinine level and GFR.

-For dialysis patients, the doctors should give more attention to medication. Dialysis will affect the effects of the drugs. Doctors should analyze whether patients need supplement the dosage or not according to the specific condition.

Medication can relieve your symptoms, but improper use may probably cause the opposite effects. It is better for you to follow your doctor’s advice or you will face the risk of further kidney damage and irreversible results. If you want to know what medicines you should take and how to take with kidney disease, you can send me an email to for consultation. I will give you the personal answers!

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