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Can Cozaar Cause Kidney Failure

2013-06-08 10:00

Can Cozaar Cause Kidney FailureCan cozaar cause kidney failure? Cozzar is a commonly used medication for Hypertension. It works by keeping blood vessels from narrowing, which will help to improve blood flow and thus lower impact on vascular wall. Owing to its obvious side effects, cozaar is also used to help heart disease patients to reduce their risk for stroke. Hypertension is the second leading cause of kidney failure, so in theory, cozaar can be used to prevent kidney problem. However, it is said cozaar can cause kidney failure. Is this true? What are the precautions of cozaar?

Can cozaar cause kidney failure?

Can cozaar cause kidney failure? In reality, cozaar indeed cause decrease of kidney function, as it can cause a condition that results in the breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue, which can lead to kidney failure. For patients with kidney problem, taking cozaar may worsen kidney condition, causing swelling of the feet, ankles, hands, or may cause unexplained weight gain.

Although cozaar is harmful for kidney to some extent, it does not mean all the kidney disease patients should stay far away from this medication. In clinic, cozaar can be used to treat kidney problem caused by Diabetes, as it is proven to be effective in slowing long-term kidney damage in people with type 2 diabetes.

Precautions and warnings of cozaar

Since cozaar is harmful to our body organs, it is necessary to learn about its precautions and warnings:

1. Before taking cozaar, make sure let your healthcare provider know if you have heart disease, liver disease, diabetes or kidney disease.

2. Cozaar may cause extreme low blood pressure in some patients, especially patients with dialysis, diuretics, diarrhea, vomiting, congestive heart failure or heart attack. Drinking fluids regularly while taking cozaar will help to prevent it. However, for kidney failure patients, they may need to limit fluid intake because of failed kidneys. Under such a condition, talk with your doctors to find an alternative medications.

3. Avoid taking cozaar, if you are pregnant or you are planing to be pregnant.

4. You should not use cozaar if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

5. Cozaar may cause lots of side effects like feeling like you might pass out, pain or burning during urination, chest pain, wheezing, irregular heart rate, weakness, shortness of breath, headache, dizziness, stomach pain, muscle cramp and insomnia and so on. Talk with your doctors if you found you have some or all of these side effects.

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