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Five Causes Why Malnutrition Happens to ESRD Patients

2013-11-15 16:50

Malnutrition, ESRDMalnutrition should be avoided in ESRD treatment, that is because it can influence the prognosis of the condition. Here are five causes why malnutrition happens to ESRD patients, follow us to learn about them.

-When condition develops ESRD, it can tell nearly all of the kidney functions have already been lost. The wastes and toxins building up in the gastrointestinal tract can directly influence the absorption to nutritions and then cause malnutrition.

-Acidosis can be a common symptom of ESRD. It can restrain protein synthesis and promote proteins and amino acids to break down.

-Inflammatory factors can reduce the protein synthesis.

-A complication of ESRD, endocrine disorders can affect the anabolism of proteins and amino acids.

-Most ESRD patients have already started dialysis treatment. It can help ESRD patients remove wastes, toxins and excess water out of body, meanwhile, it can also lead to the loss of proteins and amino acids. Some related materials have shown that to those ESRD patients who are on peritoneal dialysis, the lost protein can be 5-10g, while amino acid can be 1.2-4g. However, if ESRD patients have peritonitis which can be commonly seen in some patients on peritoneal dialysis, the lost protein can even account for 50%-100%. To those ESRD patients who are on hemodialysis treatment, the lost amino acid can be 10-13g, which makes malnutrition easy to happen.

Those are the five causes why malnutrition happens to ESRD patients. Most nutritional deficiencies can be corrected. However, if malnutrition is caused by a medical condition, that illness has to be treated in order to reverse the nutritional deficiency.

Now the problem is how to treat ESRD. In addition to dialysis and kidney transplant, if you are trying your best to avoid them, you are recommended to click Chinese Herbal Medicine for ESRD.

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