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The Treatment for Dehydration in Kidney Failure with low GFR

2015-02-13 15:41

The Treatment for Dehydration in Kidney Failure with low GFRDehydration is a common symptom for patients with kidney failure. People with low GFR refers to that kidney failure has been develops into advanced stage. People will suffer from dehydration when kidney failure progresses into advanced stage. Is there any treatment to help patients alleviate dehydration?

Firstly of all, what are the causes of dehydration in kidney failure with low GFR.


In case of kidney failure, due to the accumulation of toxins and wastes products, patients will suffer from several symptoms, vomiting is the most common one. The toxic substances will get into gastrointestinal tract system, when it get into intestinal tract, it will be broken down into ammonia by urease, and the ammonia will stimulate gastrointestinal tract, causing vomiting, especially in the morning. Patients with persistent vomiting are more likely to suffer from vomiting.

Limit fluid intake

In case of kidney failure, in order to reduce the workload of the kidneys, patients are suggested to limit the fluid intake as less as possible. so dehydration occurs. If patients do not have serious swelling, patients can take little amount of water.

High phosphors level

Normally, the health kidneys can take balance of electrolyte level, the failed kidneys can not keep balance of electrolyte level. Some patients will suffer from high phosphors level, low calcium level. High phosphorus level will cause patients suffer from dehydration level.

What can patients do to alleviate dehydration in kidney failure with low GFR?

The natural treatments in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine can do a great favor for patients with kidney disease. After many years’ practices, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been proved to be effective to treat kidney disease. This therapy works to promote blood circulation, extend blood vessels, relive inflammation and coagulation in the blood vessels, promote blood circulation in the body, keep electrolyte level in balance, alleviate some poisoning symptoms, supply sufficient blood and oxygen to the kidneys, repair the diseased cells, alleviate dehydration.

If you happen to be someone with dehydration in kidney failure with low GFR, you can send email to, talk it with our online doctors directly, leave a message below.

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