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What Causes High Urea Nitrogen in Kidney Failure

2015-02-25 14:13

What Causes High Urea Nitrogen in Kidney FailureIn generally, kidney failure causes many symptoms as well ad complications to patients. Urea nitrogen is a waste product from the breakdown of protein in the body. in the normal situation, this waste can be filtered by the health kidneys and leaves the body through urine. Too much urea nitrogen in the blood could indicate the underlying problems. However, what causes high urea nitrogen in kidney failure?

High urea nitrogen in body has close relations with impaired kidney function. Normally, the urea from the foods we consume and it will travels from your liver to your kidneys through your bloodstream, the kidneys filter urea and remove other waste products from your blood and leaves your body along with urine. When your kidneys are attacked by various kidneys disease, the normal function would be affected, and the failed kidneys can not eliminate the toxic substances and urea out of body effectively. High blood urea nitrogen occurs in people with decreasing kidney function.

And then, what can patients do to bring high blood urea back to normal?

Since blood urea nitrogen is the by product of protein, and then, in daily life, limiting the intake of meant, salt and protein, fat in diet is necessary. Excess consuming of theses can aggravate high blood urea nitrogen. What important is that we should pay high attention to it rather than despise it. Having a good control of blood urea nitrogen can preventing the disease deteriorating into kidney failure. However, simply reducing high blood urea nitrogen can not solve the problem fundamentally and it has high recurrence to patients, so patients with high blood urea nitrogen should seek for a regular treatment. And the key point of the treatment is to repair the diseased cells and recover its normal function. Once the function improves, the elevated blood urea nitrogen will be back to normal naturally.

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