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Sodium Retention Causes Edema in Kidney Failure

2013-03-29 10:59

Serious sodium retention can cause edema in kidney failure, also it can worsen high blood pressure symptom. Salt is the number one source of sodium, so kidney failure patients are usually suggested to limit salt intake.

How sodium retention cause edema in kidney failure?

In normal cases, excess sodium can be discharged by our kidney, so sodium retention may refer to kidney disorder. For a healthy kidney, glomerular filtration membrane is in charge of filtering blood during which sodium can be filtered out. After that, these sodium and excess fluid flow into renal tubule which can reabsorb most of the sodium, fluid and other nutrition. However, when glomeruli lose their filtration function or renal tubules become disordered and reabsorb too much sodium, sodium level in the body increases. With high levels of sodium, fluid rentention occurs and thus form edema.

How to treat edema caused by sodium retention in kidney failure?

1. Limit sodium intake

Common foods with high sodium include meat pizza, white bread, hot dogs, sauce, ham, catsup, white roll, salty snacks, cheese pizza, noodle soups, potato chips and creamy salad dressings. These foods contain lots of sodium, so for kidney failure patients with edema caused by sodium retention, they need to eat less of them.

2. Limit fluid intake

Sodium retention is always accompanied by fluid retention. In such a case, if kidney failure patients drink lots of water, edema symptom will be aggravated.

3. Diuretics

Diuretic is a common medicine for kidney failure patients and it helps to alleviate edema symptom. There are different types of diuretics and patients need to choose the right medicine according to their illness condition.

4. Repair damaged glomeruli or renal tubules

Both damaged glomeruli and disorder of renal tubules can cause sodium retention and thus cause edema, so for kidney failure patients, they need to found out the root cause of their sodium retention firstly and then take corresponding medical measures to repair damaged glomeruli or renal tubules.

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