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How To Reduce 6.1 Potassium Level With Kidney Failure

2013-08-01 09:42

Potassium is an important mineral in the human body. It is necessary for people to have a normal life. Potassium’s main functions are to keep acid-base balance, to involve in energy metabolism and maintain normal muscle function. Normal serum potassium levels are between 3.5mEq/L and 5.0 mEq/L. When serum potassium levels are higher than the normal level, hyperkalemia is caused. As the potassium levels are over 6.1, patients with kidney failure may experience severe symptoms, like abnormal heart rhythums, chest pain and so on.

How to reduce 6.1 potassium levels with kidney failure?

In your daily life, you have to keep a reasonable diet habit. You need to limit the intake of potassium.

In daily life, common high potassium foods include:

Vegetables: spinach, yam, potatoes, carrots, mushroom,etc.

Fruits: banana, strawberry, watermelon, longan, orange, apple, grape,etc.

Meat: fish, lean meat, chicken,etc

Beans: soya bean, edamame, mung bean, brod bean and so on.

Low potassium foods are:

Vegetables: wax gourd, towel gourd, celery, cabbage, rape,etc

Fruits: persimmon, kiwi, pear (yali), ananas,etc.

Others: chicken eggs, duck eggs, pumpkin, rice, tofu, milk, etc.

Patients with potassium over 6.1 level had better do not eat these high potassium foods. You can eat some low potassium foods. However, you can’t eat much these lower potassium foods. Eating much more low potassium foods may cause further increase of potassium in the body and then worsen kidney condition.

Diet is just one way to reduce 6.1 potassium levels with kidney failure. There are some other treatments, as following:

Bicarbonate therapy: it is effective to shift potassium into cells.

Medicine: salbutamol is a drug to decrease blood levels of potassium by promoting its movement into cells.

Restore of kidney function: For kidney disease patients, they suffer form high level of potassium as their kidneys fail to discharge excessive potassium out of the body. Therefore, only when kidney function is improved effectively, can excessive potassium be filtered out and also can high potassium level 6.1 be lowered effectively.

Hemodialysis: if hyperkalemia is severe, you have to do hemodialysis. This is the most rapid method to remove potassium from your body.

Above-mentioned treatments are common methods to reduce 6.1 potassium levels with kidney failure. If you suffer from this disease and want to receive effective treatment, you can contact with us.

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