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Nephrotic Syndrome, Protein in Urine +++, Swelling

2013-08-30 17:16

Nephrotic Syndrome ,swellingQ: My daughter is 8 years old. She was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome and her doctor prescript medicines, such as prednisone, cyclophosphamide etc. But her protein in urine level is still +++, and swelling affects all her body now. What Can I Do to Save My Daughter?

A: thanks for your message. Based on what you say, I think your daughter’s treatment fail to control the root cause. This is why her medical condition beyond control.

Nephrotic syndrome is a group of symptoms, including massive proteinuria, swelling, hyperlipemia and hypoproteinemia. It is the protein leakage which causes the other three symptoms. Thereby, it is the first step to control proteinuria.

Kidneys works as strainer, which filters out the waste products and excessive water in the blood and keeps the useful substances in the body. However, when kidneys are damaged, the strainer will be broken. As a result, the useful substances, such as protein, will be filtered out of the body via urine. This is how proteinuria occur. Thereby, to repair the damaged filter is the way to reduce protein leakage.

Certain steroids medicines help prevent the leakage of protein, however, these medicine cannot repair the renal strainer. Thereby, once the medicine dosage decrease or patients suffer from cold or infection, the proteinuria will relapse.

In addition, long term use of steroids will cause damages to your health, due to its side effects. It even may affect the development of children patients’ physical and intellective development.

Considering your daughter is so young, we suggest you to try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is designed to treat kidney diseases in particular. Due to its natural ability, it avoids the side effects to your daughter. It develops on the basis of Chinese Herbal Medicine, which sends the herbal ingredients to kidney tissues directly, with the help of osmosis devices. Certain herbs help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney filtering ability.

When the kidney strainer is repaired, protein will not leak into urine anymore. And the other symptoms will be alleviated spontaneously, which help control your daughter’s medical condition.

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