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Care for Your Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-03-18 01:03

Care for Your Children with Nephrotic SyndromeAre you upset with your children being attack by nephrotic syndrom, one cause to Chronic Kidney Failure? Give them the tender care and make them happy. Here are some tips for you to care for your children with nephrotic syndrome.

Actually, the parents play an important role in helping children cope with the disease. The followings are what they can do.

Tip 1. Take your children for regular check-ups.

Your child may need regular check-ups to see the overall illness progress. He or her may be asked to do a physical examination, including measuring his or her height, weight and blood pressure; doing blood tests, urine tests. All those procedures cannot be performed unless with your help.

Tip 2. Manage your children a healthy diet.

A healthy diet can help control the progression of the disease and prevent further damage. First of all, it will be better to eat a low-sodium diet. If he or her eat too salty, he will drink more water which will make the swelling worse. Besides, high-sodium is not good for his or her blood pressure. Secondly, carefully manage the protein intake. You are suggested to consult a dietitian for how much protein is suitable for your child. Too much will increase the risk of worsening proteinuria, but inadequate protein will affect the growth of the children. If you want to know more about healthier eating, you can call us, the kidney experts will give you some useful suggestions.

Tip 3. Encourage your children to participate outdoor activities.

Maybe your child is not willing to go out to participate activities even in school because of his or her illness. In fact, they are encouraged to take part in all kinds of sports within their capabilities. Outdoor activities are good for building up their body and strengthening the immunity.

You are the most important supporter of your child with nephrotic syndrome. Give them care, give the hope! Wanna obtain more tips? Send an email to and I will reply to you in 48 hours!

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