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Diet Requirement for the Patients with Edema in Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-07-04 19:03

For the patients with Nephrotic Syndrome, edema is one of the common symptoms. General speaking, many organs will be involved, such as face, eyelid, arms and legs even lung and breast. Except treatment, diet also is very important to remit edema and treat nephrotic syndrome. So, how to eat a healthy diet for them? Next, we will introduce you the diet requirement for the patients with edema in nephrotic syndrome.

First, limit the water intake.

Though it is good for us to drink more water, for the patients with edema drinking more water will aggravate the kidney disease and edema. Damaged kidneys fail to generate urine, which can cause water retention and edema, so limit the water intake is so necessary.

Second, reduce the salt intake.

One of the main causes of edema is water sodium retention. Sodium plays an important role in adjusting extracellular osmolarity. If the sodium content in body is too much, more water will flow to the outside of cells, which can aggravate edema. And the main source of sodium is salt, so we need to reduce the salt intake.

Third, increase the potassium intake.

Because potassium has the function of adjusting intracellular fluid, for the patients without the disturbance of potassium metabolism, they can remit the symptom of edema through increasing the potassium intake.

Four, proper protein intake.

For nephrotic syndrome patients, much protein intake will increase the kidney burden and aggravate disease. But protein is a necessary substance for every body, so proper protein intake is a right choice for the patients, and you had better choose the foods rich in high quality protein.

Five, drink tea.

Many kinds of tea have the function of diuresis, so drinking them is good for the patients to remit edema. But you need to drink it under the expert’s instruction, because some tea may bring some harm for you.

Now, the diet requirement for the patients with edema in nephrotic syndrome has been given, if you have any other questions, please send them to, and we will try our best to help you.

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