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Medical options for Swelling on Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-12-22 08:50

Nephrotic Syndrome is characterized with three features, including hyperlipidemia, hypoproteinemia, proteinuria, swelling, so if you are suffering swelling on Nephrotic Syndrome, do not worry, you are not alone with this symptom, you are welcomed to send email to to know more details.

Before receiving the treatment of swelling on Nephrotic Syndrome, you have to know what causes swelling on Nephrotic Syndrome. In case of Nephrotic Syndrome, patients are more likely to suffer from hypoproteinemia, which makes plasma colloid osmotic pressure lower than normal, and then water will enter into body tissues.

Is there any treatment to help patients to get rid of swelling on kidney failure?

The renal experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital recommend the natural treatments. In addition, the renal experts will make a specific treating schedule according to different illness condition as well as the application of the natural treatments, if you want to have your treating schedule, you can talk it with our online doctors or send mail to

“Four ‘one ’” Treatment

It is a combination of oral Chinese medicine and external application.

A bottle of Maikang Composition. Patients need to drink a bottle of Maikang Composition. It is a Chinese patent medicine. The main function of Maikang Composition is to tonify Qi, activate blood circulation, remove the stasis of body.

A dose of oral Chinese medicine. It is essential during the treatment of the treatment of kidney disease. The main ingredients in this treatment are changed according to different patients, different illness condition, different treating period.

A dose of external application. It refers to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It has the advantage of eliminating active substances out of body, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, expending blood vessels, degradeing extracellular metrix.

A basin of foot bath. It can promote microcirculatin of whole body.

Seven Chinese medicines

The seven Chinese medicines are used in a case of the “four ‘one ’” Treatment do not work or can not achieve the effects of treating the kidney disease fundamentally.

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