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Increased Urination in Nephrotic Syndrome : Cause and Treatment

2014-12-26 16:38

Increased Urination in Nephrotic Syndrome : Cause and TreatmentThe most common symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome include that lots of protein urine, persistent edema, hypoproteinemia and high cholesterol. Patients always think that water retention can lead to edema, so the increased urination maybe is not related with Nephrotic Syndrome. However this acknowledge may is wrong. Now let us have a clear idea about the cause and treatment for increased urination in Nephrotic Syndrome.

The Cause of increased urination in Nephrotic Syndrome:

Generally speaking, the crude urine should be concentrated at the work of kidney tubules. With the development of the disease, when the kidney tubules is injured, it fail to concentrate the urine, patients will suffer increased urine.

The Treatment for increased urination in nephrotic Syndrome:

Patients who want to normal the urination must try their best to repair the injured renal cells and reverse their kidney function. But the medicine patients often taken only can control their symptoms and fail to stop the kidney damage and improve the kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine help you solve the problem.

The active substances in medicine can expend blood circulation and promote the blood circulation in kidney, remitting the condition of kidney insufficient blood and oxygen. in addition, the active substances in medicine also can absorb and crash the immune complexes and wastes in the blood, and the broken matters can be metabolized with the blood circulation, decreasing the deposition of wastes and blocking the ultra immune responses.

When the hypoxic-ischemic state is remitted and the ultra immune response is blocked, the kidney damage also can be stopped. Moreover, the active substances in medicine also can support the injured renal cells nutrition which is helpful to repair the injured cells and reverse the kidney function. When the renal tubules is repaired, patients will not suffer increased urination.

All in all, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is really good for remitting symptoms and saving kidney function at same time. And if you want to know more information about the cause and treatment for increased urination in Nephrotic Syndrome, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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