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The Helpful Tips for Children with Kidney Disease

2016-02-18 10:42

The Helpful Tips for Children with Kidney DiseaseNephritis Syndrome is commonly seen in children with the age of 3-6. And boys who have this disease are more than girls. Therefore, this article will explain some tips for children with kidney disease.

The exact cause of nephritis syndrome has not fund yet. but, it is difficult to be treated well, because it has high recurrence and long period to recover. Therefore, many parents pay more attention to what causes nephritis syndrome in children when they seek for treatment for their child.

Primary nephritic syndrome in children has close relation with the disorder of your own immune function. And simple nephrotic syndrome is the most common types of primary nephritic syndrome and it is commonly seen in children with age of 2-7. Except the common symptoms of kidney disease, children do not have hematuria or high blood pressure. Nephritic nephropathy is one of types of primary kidney disease. And it is commonly seen in children with the age of 7. They often experience most of the symptoms of kidney disease, such as anemia, headache, fatigue and muscle cramping, besides, they also suffer from hematuria and high blood pressure. Children in kidney disease was often secondary to mosquito bites, malaria and lupus erythematosus.

Nephritic syndrome may give rise to several syndromes, including severe swelling on whole body, large amount of protein in urine, hypoproteinemia and hypercholesteremia.

In daily life, they need to eat less salt and more high quality protein foods, such as fish, eggs, milk. They are not allowed to eat fired foods. Additionally, they need to routine urine test regularly.

The helpful tips for children with kidney disease have been listed, if you want to know more details , please send your child’s test reports to The renal doctor will try our best to help you. If your child have kidney disease, please receive treatment as soon as possible, because they are our future.

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