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Nephrotic Syndrome What is the Best Option to Dispel Bubble in Urine

2018-03-11 14:15

Chinese medicine,natural remedy,nephrotic syndromeHello, doctor. I have used steroids for three month, but the bubble is not reduced in my urine. What is more, I am so fat now, would I take another treatment? What is the best option? Besides, I have nephrotic syndrome when I was 17.

Hello. Since the doctor give you steroids for controlling the bubble in urine, I guess your 24 hour urine quantification result is more than 1g/24h. Is it right? Please do not worry, it is common symptoms of nephrotic syndrome what has four typical manifestations: large protein, edema, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipidemia.

Usually, the doctor will give six month’s medicine for the patients to relieve the problem, but someone do can not get rid of it. It is because that steroids is to reduce the proteinuria through inhibiting the inflammations. What I must tell you is that it can not completely take away the inflammations. In this case, it is no strange that the protein urine can not be vanished or reoccur frequently.

Have you take the blood test? If so, what is your creatinine level now? It can help us to know more about your kidney conditions. Also, it is associated to the treatment you take. To be honest, early treatment, better treatment effects, and less cost.

Back to the treatment, we mainly use Chinese medicine including the combined some of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Cupping Therapy, Steaming Therapy and other natural remedies rather than dialysis or steroids to invent a favorable inner surrounding in which excessive substances are gotten away, blood circulation is improved, and thus the kidneys inflammations will be stopped and the kidneys can recover better with enough blood and nutrients. In the meanwhile, the bubble in urine will be disappeared and not come out easily. 

Additionally, I need to analysis your test reports to know what is the best option, since the best measures are different from people to people.

If you want to gain more information about proteinuria and its managements for nephrotic syndrome patients, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. I am glad to help you.

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