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Large Protein In Urine The Nephrotic Syndrome Child Back to Normal Life

2018-04-12 15:41

Large Protein In Urine The Nephrotic Syndrome Child Back to Normal LifeThe body had been troubled by the nephrotic syndrome for 12 years since he was only two years old. He is very brave and positive. This year, he came to our hospital for the treatments to the large protein in urine and other discomforts in nephrotic syndrome. Now, lets’ now more about his illness conditions and the treatments he received.

In the pass several years, he went to the best hospital in Oman, UK and India in the company with his family members. But he did not get the effective measures to break away from proteinuria permanently with different hormones and immunosuppressants. Finally, he decided to come China for a try.

When he arrived at our hospital in his vacation, he took a comprehensive examination, in which 24 hour protein urine quantification indicated 11.86, and he also suffered from swelling in the whole body and anemia. Our doctor group talked about his physical situation together and decided to adopted Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Full Bath Therapy, Steaming Therapy Therapy and other Chinese herbal medicines.

With the help of total Chinese herbal medicines, his condition improved rapid. The two test reports show that he had overcome the protein leakage within 14 days, in which the indexes was dropped to 0.17 from 11.86. After a whole course of treatment, his protein urine became negative from +++, the swelling was disappeared, the anemia was faded away and the weight was also lowered.

Now, he had come back to his normal study and life. I hope all the patients can get recovered radically and quickly.

If you are in interested in the treatment to nephrotic syndrome associated with large protein in urine, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us.

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