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Renal Insufficiency Caused by Nephrotic Syndrome How to Avoid Dialysis

2018-05-02 15:34

Renal Insufficiency Caused by Nephrotic Syndrome How to Avoid DialysisRenal insufficiency means the kidneys can not work well to filter the extra water and toxins from the blood as it should do. In this case, the patients will undergo many discomforts like hypertension, swelling, proteinuria, back pain and so on. Finally, dialysis is needed. While, if renal insufficiency is caused by nephrotic syndrome, how to avoid dialysis?

What is the nephrotic syndrome?

Nephrotic syndrome is a type of kidney disease which is characterized by swelling, large proteinuria, hyperlipidemia and hypoproteinemia. At the beginning of nephrotic syndrome, the patients will have much sufferings but normal creatinine level. With the relapse of nephrotic syndrome, more and more renal cells will be sick or even died, leading to renal scars, finally, renal function will be lost bit by bit.

Which functions does dialysis take?

Dialysis is adopted for keeping the life vitals. Except for this, it can relieve the symptoms of kidney disease and bring out some toxins from the blood. In the meanwhile, the patients will also suffer from the side effects of dialysis, like muscle cramp, weakness, anemia and others. What is worse, the patients at last have no choose but renal transplantation with long time of dialysis.

Is there any alternative treatment to dialysis?

To be honest, if the patients can cure the nephrotic syndrome before the renal insufficiency, dialysis is not needed.

If the scars are formed, is dialysis a must? Of course not. As long as the patients still have good urine output, there are chances for them to reverse the illness. At least, they can maintain the stage of kidney disease and delay the dialysis as long as possible. Also, Toxin-Removing Therapy is available.

Furthermore, due to the different illness conditions, the formation of medications and dosages will be various. So, please following the patients’ order to harvest a better treatment result.

If you want to gain more information about the treatments to renal insufficiency caused by nephrotic syndrome so as to prevent dialysis, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.

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