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Can Nephropathy Syndrome Women Be Pregnant

2018-08-21 15:58

Nephropathy Syndrome,PregnantAll women are eager to be pregnant one day, to be a mother, this is the happiest time for every woman, full of expectations and expectations of the future, then the female patients with nephrotic syndrome can be pregnant? This is the question of every patient with Nephropathy Syndrome.

Can Nephropathy Syndrome women be pregnant? What will happen after pregnancy?

1. Because of nephrotic syndrome, the plasma albumin of patients with nephrotic syndrome is low. Can nephrotic syndrome be pregnant? This often leads to fetal growth retardation and premature infants, which is not conducive to fetal health.

2. Can nephrotic syndrome be pregnant? Pregnancy will aggravate the burden on the kidneys, and the patients themselves are nephrotic syndrome, the burden on the kidneys will be further aggravated, leading to further deterioration of the disease.

3. Patients take antihypertensive drugs, hormones will affect the health of the fetus (antihypertensive drug choice: nephrotic syndrome can be pregnant? For patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension, blood pressure < 150/100mmHg in the first 20 weeks, generally do not consider drug treatment, higher blood pressure for the first choice of methyldopa treatment. Beta blockers, though reported, may slow the development of the fetus, but they are also one of the options. ARB is a banned drug. Hormones have an absolute effect on the development of the fetus.

So, can nephrotic syndrome be pregnant? Nephrotic syndrome, as a chronic kidney disease with a longer course and more difficult treatment, has serious harm to mother and infant, and pregnancy can aggravate the original nephrotic syndrome. Due to low plasma albumin, nephrotic syndrome often leads to fetal growth retardation and premature birth. Nephrotic syndrome can be pregnant?

So, for patients with nephrotic syndrome can be pregnant, the answer is definitely the best not to be pregnant, of course, not all patients with nephrotic syndrome can not be pregnant, as long as the following conditions meet, with the consent of the doctor, can be pregnant. Pregnancy can be achieved in accordance with the following circumstances:

1. Nephrotic syndrome was stable for more than two years. During the past two years, no hematuria and proteinuria were less than 0.5g per day. All examinations were basically normal.

2. Normal renal function, no recurrence of the disease.

3. No hypertension, no concurrent urinary tract infection. No other complications.

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