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What Are The Clinical Symptoms Of Nephrotic Syndrome In Children

2018-09-24 14:58

Nephrotic Syndrome,Clinical Symptoms,ChildrenNephrotic Syndrome is a relatively stubborn disease, and the treatment in clinic is very difficult. Nephrotic syndrome is not a disease name, it is a group of clinical symptoms caused by a variety of causes, the most basic characteristics of high albuminuria, hypoproteinemia, edema and hyperlipidemia, clinical called "three high one low" symptoms.

Nephrotic syndrome in children is caused by increased glomerular capillary permeability caused by a variety of reasons, resulting in a large number of proteinuria in clinical. Therefore, caution should be exercised when large amounts of proteinuria occur in children, because the presence of large amounts of proteinuria may be a precursor to children with nephrotic syndrome.

The main manifestation of nephrotic syndrome in children is massive proteinuria, followed by hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidemia and edema of varying degrees. Edema in children with nephrotic syndrome is concave edema of both lower limbs. If urine is examined, it can be found that urinary protein 3 + to 4 +, blood > 0.1 g / kg, plasma albumin < 30 g / liter, blood cholesterol > 5.7 mmol / L.

Children with nephrotic syndrome often have a history of upper respiratory tract infection before onset, mild edema only in the morning, eyelid edema, severe edema in children with nephrotic syndrome can have systemic edema, concave edema, nephrotic syndrome in children with scrotal edema bright performance, severe edema with ascites and pleural effusion.

Children with nephrotic syndrome often have fatigue, anorexia, mental exhaustion, pallor and other symptoms, children with low immune function, and therefore often have infection, if not treated in time can be combined with hypovolemic shock, electrolyte disorders, vascular embolism, acute renal failure and so on.

The above mentioned clinical manifestations are all specific manifestations of children with nephrotic syndrome. Therefore, if your child shows the above performance, parents must pay attention to, and timely take the child to medical treatment, in order to avoid delaying the illness, delaying the best time for treatment of children.

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