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Nice Guideline of Nephrotic Syndrome

2013-07-19 11:58

A nice guideline plays an important role for a good management of Nephrotic Syndrome. The following is the guideline for people who are newly diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Hope it is helpful for you.

Diet guideline for Nephrotic Syndrome

Due to difference of illness condition, Nephrotic Syndrome patients always need to make different changes, but they generally need to follow on the following principles:

1. Proper protein intake

Usually, 0.8grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day is needed for a healthy adult. But for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, due to impaired kidney function and severe loss of protein in urine, they may need to adjust their protein intake to make it beneficial for controlling illness condition and meanwhile meet the basic physical demand.

2. Limit fluid intake and salt with fluid retention

Swelling is one of the dominant and visible symptom of Nephrotic Syndrome. High fluid intake and salt intake will worsen this symptom and accelerate illness progression, so make sure the fluid intake and salt intake are proper.

3. Avoid foods high in fat

Due to severe protein loss, hyperlipemia is caused easily. For this reason, avoiding foods high in fat is also very necessary.

Treatment guideline for Nephrotic Syndrome

Steroid treatment is the most commonly used method to treat Nephrotic Syndrome as of now. It indeed shows effects and bring illness condition into control quickly. It seems that steroid treatment is a good option for Nephrotic Syndrome, but one thing we have to mention is that Nephrotic Syndrome relapses easily if treated with steroid treatment. What is more, steroid medicines always cause lots of side effects.

Steroid treatment is an option, but aside from it, Immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also can be used to treat Nephrotic Syndrome. Both these two treatments are harmless and effective in preventing Nephrotic Syndrome. What is more, they can help to improve kidney function. As long as kidney function gets restored, Nephrotic Syndrome symptoms get remitted naturally.

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