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How Is Nephrotic Syndrome Treated From China

2013-08-16 16:45

How Is Nephrotic Syndrome Treated From ChinaNephrotic Syndrome is not a specific kidney disease, but a group of clinical manifestations marked by massive protein in urine, swollen body, low protein in blood and high lipid in blood. As it refers to a series of symptoms, so it can be caused by many factors or illnesses. Nephrotic Syndrome is treated differently in different countries. Here, we will give a major introduction about how Nephrotic Syndrome is treated in China.

In western countries, Nephrotic Syndrome is commonly treated through various steroids which are effective, but risky if used for a long time. These steroids are helpful. They are necessary in some cases, but while treating Nephrotic Syndrome in China, Chinese medicine is the one which plays an crucial role in the treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome.

In Nephrotic Syndrome, large amounts of protein leak into urine due to increased permeability of glomerular filtration membrane. Glomerular filtration membrane serves us as a filter. When blood flow into kidney and pass through glomerular filtration membrane, nutritions are kept in the blood and whereas, harmful substances like creatinine and urea nitrogen are expelled. In this way, blood is purified successfully. For Nephrotic Syndrome patients, their glomerular filtration membrane is injured for some reasons. Under such a case, when blood run through kidney and glomerular filtration membrane, protein in blood leak into urine, causing proteinuria. Without effective and timely control, other symptoms like swelling, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipidemia will be caused.

In China, Nephrotic Syndrome is treated by repairing injured glomerular filtration membrane with Chinese herbs. Various herbs are selected and tested carefully before putting into usage. And it turns out that some injured kidney intrinsic cells can be repaired effectively with these herbs. When damaged kidney cells are activated to work again, GFR increases and also all the symptoms are remitted greatly.

Chinese medicine and western medicine have different conception in treating disease. With different conception, different methods will be adopted while treating Nephrotic Syndrome and also patients will receive different treatment effects. (If you are interested in Chinese treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome, you can contact us to get more detailed information and we are glad to share effective treatment methods with you)

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