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Nephrotic Syndrome

Information on how Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) causes kidney failure; and early detection, symptoms, diet and treatment for Chronic Renal Failure caused by Nephrotic Syndrome.

Natural Alternative Of Cellcept in Nephrotic Syndrome

What is the natural alternative of cellcept in Nephrotic Syndrome? Cellcept or Mycophenolate Mofetil is prescribed to Nephrotic Syndrome patients when their illness condition becomes very hard to control. It is immunosuppressants and show g...Read More

Immunotherapy to Treat Nephrotic Syndrome with FSGS

How does Immunotherapy help treat Nephrotic Syndrome with FSGS? In recent years, more and more patients prefer to use this therapy to control their condition, because of its safety and obvious therapeutic effects. However, quite a number of...Read More

Loss of Hair Due To Nephrotic Syndrome

Will Nephrotic Syndrome cause hair loss? If yes, how? If no, why some Nephrotic Syndrome patients complain they have severe loss of hair? Here, we will give an introduction about this topic. Will Nephrotic Syndrome cause loss of hair? Nephr...Read More

Best Treatment For Nephrotic Syndrome

What is the best treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome? Although lots of medicines can be used to treat Nephrotic Syndrome in clinic, many of them show temporary effects. Once patients stop taking medicines or reduce medicine dose, illness relap...Read More

Heavy Proteinuria Means Nephrotic Syndrome

If you are told to have massive protein in urine (3.5g/24h), you are probably suffering Nephrotic Syndrome, as heavy proteinuria is the characteristic clinical manifestation of Nephrotic Syndrome. What is heavy proteinuria? Proteinuria refe...Read More

What We Can Not Do With Nephrotic Syndrome

What we can not do with Nephrotic Syndrome? When we are attacked by Nephrotic Syndrome, we need to pay attention to many aspects in our daily life like dietary habits and life style and so no. Well then, what we can not do once being diagno...Read More

Life Span of Patients Having Nephrotic Syndrome

Life span is the biggest concern for people having life-threatening illness. Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney problem that can lower patients life quality and shorten their life span. Well, what is the life span of patients having Nephrotic S...Read More

Why Cold Lead To Nephrotic Syndrome Relapse

Repeated relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome is annoying. Moreover, every relapse of illness will put patients closer to end stage kidney failure. There are many factors that can cause relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome and some patients may found the...Read More

Cause And Treatment of Hypoproteinemia in Nephrotic Syndrome

Many illness can cause hypoproteinemia and Nephrotic Syndrome is a common one. For children, uncontrolled hypoproteinemia affects both their mental development and physical development seriously. And for these who are adult, long-term hypop...Read More

Nice Guideline of Nephrotic Syndrome

A nice guideline plays an important role for a good management of Nephrotic Syndrome. The following is the guideline for people who are newly diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Hope it is helpful for you. Diet guideline for Nephrotic Syndro...Read More