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Nephrotic Syndrome

Information on how Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) causes kidney failure; and early detection, symptoms, diet and treatment for Chronic Renal Failure caused by Nephrotic Syndrome.

Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Effective for Nephrotic Syndrome in Children

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kind of immune related disease, which is difficult to treat by common treatments, like steroids. Therefore, more and more patients are wondering that is Immunotherapy effective for Nephropatic Syndreom in Children. I...Read More

Is Kidney Transplant the Only Option for GFR 15 with Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a not a specific kidney disease which is characterized with large amount of large amount of proteinuria, swelling, hypoalbuminemia and hyperkalemia. Since there is damage with your current kidney function, kidney trans...Read More

Can Creatinine 4 with Nephrotic Syndrome Avoid Dialysis

Normally, most of patients would think that dialysis is a proper way that helps patients reduce high creatinine level. However, dialysis is not a perfect way to reduce high creatinine level. For patients with creatinine 4 and nephropathy sy...Read More

Will Nephrotic Syndrome with Creatinine 3.54 Avoid Dialysis

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kind of immune disorder. With immune disorder, the kidneys are less able to achieve its function properly. Although dialysis is often suggested for patients whose kidneys can not function properly, it also makes pati...Read More

How Do You Treat Nephritis Syndrome in Children

Along with the increasing unhealthy living habits, more and more children are getting kidney related diseases. And the treatment for children should be timely and effectively. Besides, they also need to know some health cares for children....Read More

Why Steroids Do not Work for Patients with Nephritis Syndrome

Simply relying on steroids treatment can not treat nephritis syndrome. It should be used with other medications. Besides, long term of using these medications will suppress the immune system and make some damage to other health cells. Regar...Read More

The Helpful Tips for Children with Kidney Disease

Nephritis Syndrome is commonly seen in children with the age of 3-6. And boys who have this disease are more than girls. Therefore, this article will explain some tips for children with kidney disease. The exact cause of nephritis syndrome...Read More

Is Nephrotic Syndrome in Children be Curable By Hemopathic Treatment

As patients whose children have nephrotic syndrome, they want to seek for the most effective treatment to treat their child. To some extent, children is our future. They deserve to have a health life. While, is nephrotic syndrome be cured b...Read More

How to Lower Creatinine 5.2 with Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is a group of symptoms that include protein in the urine, low blood protein levels, high cholesterol levels, high creatinine levels, and swelling. According to grading, creatinine 5.2 is 4th stage of kidney disease....Read More

What Causes BUN And Creatinine Levels to Increase with Nephrotic Syndrome?

High BUN and creatinine level is typical symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, if renal function is impaired, the toxic substances, wastes, metabolites are deposited in human body, BUN and creatinine level would be higher than normal data....Read More