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Saying Goodbye to Headache after Dialysis

2014-03-28 01:01

Saying Goodbye to Headache after DialysisMany patients with kidney disease complain of headache after dialysis. Those who suffer from headache normally live a poor life quality. Today, solutions come. There are chances for you to say goodbye to headache after dialysis.

Knowing the causes is helpful to find the solutions. The followings are the possible causes of headache after dialysis.

- Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome is one of the common causes. Many experts believe that it is related to the cerebral swelling after removing the high level of urea during dialysis.

- Frequent blood pressure change. You may have high blood pressure. But after dialysis you may experience low blood pressure especially when you take anti-hypertensive drugs before dialysis.

- Electrolyte imbalance.

What should you do to say goodbye to headache?

Firstly, have a good talk with your doctor. Make sure your doctor is doing the proper dialysis to you. The communication is very important.

Secondly, well manage your blood pressure. Limit the salt intake to prevent the risk of raising blood pressure.

Thirdly, control your body weight well. Limit the water intake during dialysis intervals.

The tips as above are necessary for you to follow. However, do you know what is the basic method to get rid of headache? That is to start from the root cause-- the diseased kidneys. Obviously, dialysis is not the treatment that can treat kidney disease from the root. Then what is the basic solution? In China, there are so many offers. Hot Compress Therapy is in the list. It is a natural treatment based on the traditional Chinese herbs. But being used externally, it can achieve better effects. It aims at repairing the damaged kidney cells and restoring the original qi. The short-term effects are obvious. What is more important, you can even get rid of dialysis after taking this therapy for a period of time. The overall kidney function will be improved, so headache will be eliminated.

Follow the above suggestions and do the correct treatment, you are able to say goodbye to headache. Have any follow-up questions? Send an email to or leave a message below. I will give you a reply as soon as possible!

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