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Will Kidney Failure Cause Memory Loss

2013-02-12 11:18

Kidney failure is a disease that can involve many symptoms like memory loss, fatigue ((tiredness), poor concentration, insomnia, itching skin, fluid retention, nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure and so on. Memory loss is just one of the terrible symptoms of kidney failure. However,even though memory loss is common for kidney failure patients, most of the patients do not know how kidney failure is related with memory loss.

According to clinical survey, memory problem usually occurs when kidney disease develop to advanced stage. In early stage, kidney disease brings no symptoms at all. Kidney is bean-shaped organ with excretion function, secretion function, adjustment function and so on. Kidney works as a filter, and wastes are discharged and nutritions are left while filtering blood. Once kidney failure is caused, kidneys are failed to work normally, as a result of which, nutritions like protein leak into urine and wastes like creatinine and urea nitrogen build up in the blood. Memory loss appears when toxins in the blood affect brain nervous system. And aside from memory loss, patients may also experience dizziness, headache, slow response and so on.

In cases of kidney failure, memory loss occurs due to damages on brain nervous system. Therefore, protecting brain nervous system form being damaged by toxins is necessary. Both creatinine level and BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) are the indexes that can help to reflect how much toxins there are in blood. Usually, when creatinine level increases to 5, patients are suggested to start dialysis. However, many patients do not do dialysis until their life is threatened seriously. Dialysis helps to remove toxins from the blood. Although it is not a long-term solution, it is necessary and helpful in protecting our other organs from being damaged. Although, it can help to prevent memory loss. For many patients with dialysis, as long as they still have urine output, they have chance to get rid of dialysis or reduce dialysis frequency. Kidneys help to produce urine and urine output means there are still healthy kidney function. In this case, we can try to improve kidney condition and thus reduce toxins in the blood and remit symptoms like memory loss.

Any questions about kidney failure and memory loss, please feel free to consult our consultant online.

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Will Kidney Failure Cause Memory Loss

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