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Symptoms of Nervous System Disorder with Kidney Function Decline

2015-01-04 13:34

Symptoms of Nervous System Disorder with Kidney Function DeclineWith the kidney function decline, more and more metabolism wastes are fail to be excreted out of body. These wastes is toxic to human body and can cause damage to the tissues and systems. When the toxins damage the nervous system which influence the activities of whole body. The symptoms also involve all aspects of human body. Here will list the symptoms, patients need pay more attention to their physical changes and have a timely and effective treatment.

1. Cranial nerves disorder and brainstem symptoms: unreal smell, smell perversion, hypopsia, dizziness, hearing loss, facial weakness, lack of swallowing, weak tongue muscle and so on.

2. Plant nerves disorder symptoms: myosis, tachycardia or bradycardia, hidrosis, dry skin, nausea and vomiting in morning, diarrhea, cramp muscle at night and so on.

3. All neurologic symptoms: restless legs syndrome, leg discomfort, swollen and painful feet and so on.

How to remit these symptoms:

The nervous system damage is caused by toxins retention, so patients can remit these symptoms through cleaning the toxins. It is no doubt that dialysis plays an important role for kidney failure patients to remit their symptoms. Dialysis can replace kidney function at some degree, cleaning the toxins in blood, balancing water-electrolyte and correcting acid-base. But there are bad points with dialysis, such as middle molecule and macromolecule toxins remained, dialysis complication, lose of nutrition and kidney function.

So patients really need a natural treatment to replace dialysis. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the special treatment in China, and it includes many therapies such as medical bath, steaming, foot bath, oral administration, hot compress and so on. Through these therapies, the active substances which has functions of drawing out toxins, absorbing toxins, crashing toxins and diffusing can enter into and work on whole body.

Compared with dialysis, the Traditional Chinese Medicine is more natural and it also can protect the remaining kidney function. And if you want to know more about symptoms of nervous system disorder with kidney function decline, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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