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Why Kidney Failure Patients Experience Memory Loss

2015-09-08 15:29

Why Kidney Failure Patients Experience Memory LossMemory loss is a condition in which you have likely suffer from mild forgetfulness at some time. You may misplaced items at home or at your work place. In a world, memory loss decreases patients’ life quality, to a large degree. Why kidney failure patients experience memory loss? more importantly, how to treat memory loss with kidney failure ?

There are several factors contributing to memory loss with kidney failure. There are listed as following:

Depression is more common as you were diagnosed with kidney failure. You may be less active socially than before, you may experience some changes in your life time. Memory loss is quite common sign of depression. Low mood always happens in patients with kidney failure, because kidney failure is very difficult to treat well. And low mood makes it hard to concentrate and remember things.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is another contributor for memory loss with kidney failure. Vitamin B12 deficiency is essential for making red blood cells. However, for patients with kidney failure, vitamin B12 happens easily with kidney failure due to the immune disorder. Vitamin 12 plays essential role to keep healthy brain. Over time, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause damage to your brain and nerve cells.

Lack oxygen in the brain also can cause memory loss. For patients who are at kidney failure stage, there are many toxic substances and extra fluid in the blood. And they will get into all body systems with blood flow. When they get into brain system, they may cause damage in your blood system in your brain.

For patients with kidney failure, what should they do with memory loss. Dialysis may be needed to remove out the toxic substances ad extra fluid. However, dialysis often brings patients a lot of adverse effects, which makes patents do not have another session of dialysis.

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