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Can Kidney Failure Cause Menal Confusion

2013-04-01 09:09

can kidney failure cause mental confusionMental confusion can be a spell of kidney failure which occurs when kidneys fail to work properly. For people with kidney failure, mental confusion is one of the most serious symptoms and it makes patients unable in living normally and independently. Well then, how does kidney failure cause mental confusion at all?

How does kidney failure cause mental confusion?

Kidney failure is a medical term used to describe an illness condition in which kidneys fail to expel toxins. These toxins are produced by our body and when they build up to a certain level, they will threaten our internal organs.

For patients with kidney failure, because of high toxins in blood, their central nervous system is affected easily. With abnormal nervous sytem, they will experience various symptoms. In early stage, discomforts like fatigue, headache, dizziness and poor memory are the major clinical manifestions. At that time, if effective treatment is not given, more signs like dysphoria, muscle cramp, hallucination, mental confusion and even coma appear.

Factors that can increase kidney failure patients’ risk for mental confusion

Although high toxins in blood is the major cause of mental confusion in kidney failure, there are some other factors that may increase patient’s risk for mental problems:

1. High blood pressure: High blood pressure is a common symptoms of Chronic Kidney Failure and usually occurs in early stage. It refers to the high impact of blood on the vascular wall. Long-term high blood pressure causes cerebral vasospasm, and aggravates cerebral ischemia and cerebral anoxia and so on. This will increase the incidence of mental confusion.

2. Electrolyte disturbance: Kidneys are responsible for keeping balance of electrolyte and electrolyte disturbance will occurs when kidney failure is caused. Usually, kidney failure patients have high potassium, high sodium, high phosphorus and low calcium in blood. Serious electrolyte disturbance increase kidney failure patient’s risk for mental confusion.

3. Acid-base disturbance: Acid-base disturbance causes dysfunction of nervous system, which also can induce mental confusion.

Kidney failure can cause mental confusion directly, but not everyone with kidney failure will certainly suffer from mental confusion someday. In some cases, with effective preventive measures and timely treatment, mental problems can be prevented or avoided effectively.

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