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How to Improve Sleep Quality of Kidney Failure Patients

2012-12-19 09:55

There are many disorders and imbalances in kidney failure patients including alter of kidney structure, decline of renal functions, abnormalities in blood, urine and imaging examinations.

Besides all these metabolic disorders, kidney failure patients often have sleep problems which might be caused by the disease itself, medicines or dialysis. Patients will experience difficulty in falling asleep at night and sleepiness during daytime. Poor sleep has great impact on patients’ life quality and the overall prognosis of kidney failure. It can increase stress, anxiety, worry and other negative emotions and strains to the patients and increase the risk fo cardiovascular diseases.

Sleeplessness is caused by several factors.

One reason is the retention of water and sodium. Swelling is very common in kidney failure and it can cause increase of blood pressure, heart dysfunctions, choking sensation in chest and even make it difficult to lie on their back at nights. Low-salt diet, controlling high blood pressure and the use of diuretic can help in this case. Besides, the excessive accumulation of uremic wastes and toxins also counts for increasing risk of sleep apnea and other sleep problems such as restless leg syndrome, daytime somnolence, etc.

If the sleep disturbance is caused by dialysis. It has been reported that there is certain relation between the severity of sleep apnea and efficiency and dialysis. If you have already begun dialysis, report this condition to your doctor and see if there is something that can be improved of your dialysis, weather peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis. Better and more thorough dialysis such as nocturnal hemodialysis and removal of water and sodium retention can help alleviate the symptom and improve sleep quality.

Besides, there are some general tips for better sleep quality for renal failure patients.

The bedroom should be dark and quiet during sleep

Have some mild and proper exercises during daytime such as walking, jogging, cycling, tai chi, etc.

Do not drink coffee, strong tea before falling asleep

Do not eat too much before going to bed

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