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How Does Kidney Failure Cause Numbness in Feet and Toes

2013-08-03 14:13

How Does Kidney Failure Cause Numbness in Feet and ToesPatients with kidney failure may experience numbness in feet and toes which is just one of the symptoms. Aside from it, patients may have many other symptoms like fatigue, anemia, high blood pressure, sleeping problems and nerve problems and so on. These symptoms also have certain relations, like numbness can decrease sleep quality and nerve problems can cause numbness in feet and toes.

How does kidney failure cause you to feel numbness in feet and toes?

Kidney failure can be caused due to various illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. For patients with kidney failure due to diabetes, there is much blood sugar in their body which can cause lesion of nerve ending. Under such a condition, patients feel numbness in feet and toes easily. Besides, diabetes reduces blood circulation; as a consequence, blood can not arrive at your feet or toes. In this situation, you may found your feet and toes have no feeling. Also, for patients with kidney failure caused by hypertension, high blood pressure can cause blockage of blood, which can give rise to deficiency of blood supply in feet and toes. This can also cause numbness in feet and toes.

Nerve damage is another cause for patients to feel numb in feet and toes. Due to kidney failure, lots of toxins build up in blood and this may cause damages on nerve system directly. Nervous system regulates and control activities of other systems. If nerve system is damaged, nerve can not regulate human activities effectively. When nerves that regulate the activity of feet and toes are damaged, patients will feel numb in feet and toes.

For kidney failure patients, they may suffer from numbness in feet and toes due to different factors, so it is of great importance for them to found out the root cause and then take corresponding measures. Only in this way, can this problem be solved radically and effectively.

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