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Specialized Kidney Disease Hospital in China

2013-01-09 10:11

hospitalWe all know that there are different understandings and therapies for kidney diseases in the East and West. Western therapies are known as their quick and obvious effects on alleviating clinical symptoms and discomforts.

Compared with eastern therapies, western therapies take more time to take effects, but they are good at regulating and repairing internal disorders and impairments, so that western therapies are more suitable for treating some chronic disease such as most kidney diseases. That are the characteristics of most kidney disease hospitals in China especially large specialized kidney disease hospitals.

One characteristic and attractive for some foreign patients is traditional Chinese medicines and actually in recent years Chinese medicines have received more and more recognition by foreign scholars, nephrologists and patients. China has thousands of history of using natural herbal medicines to treat kidney diseases as well as building up physical fitness.

There are many herbal medicines in China and they all have been tested before being used in clinic, therefore their safety can be ensured so long as they are taken with proper method and dosage. Some herbs can help reduce creatinine level and blood urea nitrogen, some can help control high blood pressure and high blood sugar, some can help prevent and treat urinary tract infections and kidney inflammations, some can help protect kidney functions and some can help improve physical strength and enhance immunity.

It is necessary to consult professional practitioners of herbal medicines before adding or taking any herb medicines especially if you are now taking some prescribed medicines or receiving conventional treatments because some herbs do have renal toxicity if not taken properly.

Besides herbal medicines, specialized kidney disease hospital in China has another advantage---analysis of renal intrinsic cells. There are 5 kinds of renal intrinsic cells in the kidneys and the root of renal impairment and declined renal functions is damage of renal intrinsic cells, therefore the root therapy for recovering renal functions is to repair damaged renal intrinsic cells and regenerating necrotic renal cells. Herbal medicines, advanced blood purification technologies, immunotherapy as well as many other external applications of Chinese medicines such as massage, acupuncture, tai chi, qi gong, medicated bath are a set of systemic treatment for kidney diseases which is more natural and richer than dialysis and kidney transplant only.

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