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Bioengineered Artificial Kidneys Hold Hope For Renal Failure

2013-04-18 09:53

Kidney transplant is one ideal treatment option for end stage renal failure patients. It can help patients regain kidney functions, get rid of dialysis and greatly improve their life quality and life expectancy.

Even though, there are some problems with kidney transplant. One major one is extreme shortage of kidney donors. Many patients have been put on the waiting list for kidney transplant, however it is not easy to have a matching donor and in some cases it may take years for a patient to have the chance to do kidney transplant.

Another question of kidney transplant is the use of immunosuppressant drugs after the surgery to improve the survival rate of the transplanted kidney. Patients have to take these drugs for the rest of their life and long term use of these drugs can weaken the patient’s immunity and make them susceptible to infections and tumors. The incidence of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia will also be elevated.

Nowadays, a promising treatment bioengineered artificial kidney holds new hope for end stage renal failure patients. It can help treat end stage renal failure and at the same time causes no organ rejections and requires no immunosuppressant drugs. What is more, it can help solve the issue of scarcity of matching kidney donors.

This new promising treatment uses the patient’s own cells to generate a new functioning kidney and then transplant into the patient’s body to replace the dead kidney. “Since such organ comes from the same person, it would not require immunosuppressing drugs” Dr Ott of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

However this treatment is still not available at present. The artificial kidney project is targeted for clinical trails in 2017. Therefore for renal failure patients, they should try to seek effective treatment to stabilize their current illness conditions and preserve their residual kidney functions and wait for more promising and effective treatments to come. Chinese medicines are effective at easing symptoms, controlling complications so as to help slow down illness progression and protect kidney functions.

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