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A Nephrotic Syndrome Patient from Holland Regained His Health in China

2013-09-05 09:54

Nephrotic Syndrome“Hi, my name is MALEX, 33 years of age and I am from Holland. The following information is about my story. I hope it could be helpful more or less for some Nephrotic Syndrome patients, because I can feel their sufferings.”

“Yes, I am a Nephrotic Syndrome patient. I have already suffered from kidney disease for several years. At that time, edema all over the body made my joints difficult to bend, sometimes, I even could not walk. I got a poor appetite and did not want to eat anything. I locked myself at home all day long. So I had to say that period of time before coming to China was the hardest time in my life.”

”In Holland, there were no other treatment options for Nephrotic Syndrome. My doctor only prescribed me with prednisone 40mg/d. However, my swelling would come again once I stopped eating the medicine, and I thought the several relapses must worsen my condition.”

“Finally the uncontrolled high creatinine level made me decide to come to China for new treatment for my Nephrotic Syndrome, because I did not want to choose dialysis or kidney transplant one day. And now the fact proved my choice was right. In China, the treatment I received was called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which was based on Chinese herbal medicines, but applied externally. Every day I just needed to lie on the bed to take it. Two bags filled with processed Chinese herbal medicines chosen by experts according to my condition were put under my lower back. It just liked Chinese massage, very comfortable.”

“After about one month of treatment, my poor appetite was improved and I began to miss the tasty foods in my hometown. Everyday I made my family a call to tell them what happened here. When I discharged from hospital, my edema was relieved effectively, only a little swelling on my ankle was left. My high creatinine level went back to the normal range. My doctor told me that all of these improvements were achieved by recovering the renal function, so dialysis has already been effectively avoided.”

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