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Halima Esbag, Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Chronic Kidney Failure, Libya

2014-02-11 18:16

Halima Esbag, Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Chronic Kidney Failure, LibyaName: Halima Esbag

Gender: Female

Martial status: Married

Birth place: Libya

Start of treatment: 4th, Sep, 2013

Condition before the treatment:

Six years ago, due to cough, sore throat and swelling in both lower limbs, he came to the local hospital for a check-up, and he was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis, urinary protein+, occult blood++, blood pressure 120/70mmHg. And the doctors enjoined him to receive anti-cough treatment, avoid cold, infection and fatigue.

Five years ago, due to headache, he received treatment in the local hospital, and he was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic renal insufficiency, renal anemia, meanwhile, the test report show blood pressure160/110mmHg, urinary protein+, occult blood++, hemoglobin80g/L, serum creatinine1.5mg/dL. And he was told to receive anti-hypertensive treatment(without hormone therapy and immunosuppressive agents).

Two months ago, he suffered from nausea and vomiting, and blood pressure 160/100mmHg, serum creatinine 5.2mg/dL, left kidney 8.6cm, right kidney 8.6cm. To seek for further treatment, he came to our hospital.

After admission, he received a battery of tests and the report show: blood pressure 150/100mmHg, heart rate 90, mild pitting edema in both the lower limbs; hemoglobin 78g/L, red blood cell count 3.16×1012/L, white blood cell count 15.30×109/L; serum creatinine 521umol/L, blood urea nitrogen 17.7mmol/L, uric acid 411umol/L; urinary protein++, occult blood+; urinary total protein 966mg/L, microalbuminuria 762mg/L; transferrin 1.36g/L, total iron blinding capacity 26.1umol/L, transferrin saturation 19.54%; right kidney 88×51×44mm, left kidney 96×55×41mm.


Chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic kidney failure, renal hypertension, renal anemia, metabolic acidosis, left kidney cyst, acute enteritis.

Treatment of our hospital:

after admission, he was suggested to follow low-fat, low-salt, moderate high-quality protein diet. In the meanwhile, treatments to anti-infection, decrease blood pressure, correct metabolic acidosis, supply iron, hot compress therapy on Shenshu acupoints to protect kidney function, enema therapy to excrete toxins within the body.

Therapeutic effect:

Blood pressure 130/85mmHg, body temperature 36.8℃, heart rate 64, white blood cell count 9.95×109/L, red blood cell count 3.08×1012/L, hemoglobin 88g/L, blood urea nitrogen 15.4mmol/L, serum creatinine 417umol/L, uric acid 403umol/L, potassium 4.17mmol/L, transferrin saturation 24.89%.

Illness analysis:

At our hospital, he received a number of effective treatments to strengthen the immunity, repair the injured renal cells and protect kidney function. In this way, things have improved and blood pressure is 120/80mmHg, serum creatinine 360umol/L, hemoglobin 133g/L. The patient and his family members are all fell happy about the therapeutic effect.

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