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Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps She Enjoy a Health Life Again

2015-08-01 10:31

Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps She Enjoy a Health Life AgainMarupava, a 41 years old housewife, comes from Tajikistan. Five years ago, she had a cold accidentally, and then, she displayed symptoms of dizziness and swelling on her low legs. And then, she done a test at local hospital and found that her blood pressure was 90/60mmHg, hematocrystallin was 120g/L, protein in urine was ++, blood in urine was +, 24-hour urinary protein quantity was 1.2g. The results showed that her kidney function has decreased, meaning that she have to receive treatments as soon as possible to prevent further development. And then, She was prescribed with some medications to control these symptoms, afterwards, she took the medications regularly in the next two years until she displayed the symptoms of fatigue and swelling in low legs again, her blood pressure was 100/70mmHg, hematocrystallin was 91g/L, protein in urine was ++, blood in urine was +, 24-hour urinary protein quantity was 1.6g. Regarding on this, she had no option but dialysis. And her condition was getting better with dialysis treatment. But, after she underwent dialysis treatment for 4 months, her urine output is decreased obviously, before she came to our hospital, her urine output is 50ml. After 4 mounts of dialysis treatment, she came to realize that dialysis treatment could not treat her disease fundamentally. The treatment she took before was full of frustrations, disappointments and alarming health issues. She begin to search a proper treatment on internet and she found Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital which can help her improve kidney function and help her avoid dialysis successfully.

After arriving at our hospital, she was suggested to take foods that are low salt, low fat, low potassium, low phosphorus and low protein but high quality. And she was prescribed with Maikang Composition to promote blood circulation, deliver sufficient blood and oxygen to important organs and improve immunity. Besides which, Micro-Chinese Medicated Osmotherapy as well as Foot Bath were done twice a day to accelerate blood circulation and dilate blood vessels. Now, with the help of the natural treatment, her urine output is up to 900ml. she live a health life again.

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