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Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps Me Lead a Normal Life

2015-11-16 16:44

Fulla, male, is 50 years old. He is from Tanzania. At the beginning of coming to our hospital, he looks pale and he is slouching all day. Besides, there lots of substances that looks like chippings on his legs. In addition to, his eyesight s so weak that he can not see the words on phone clearly. And he also has the problem of benign prostatic hyperplasia, which makes it difficult to urinate completely. As a patient with diabetes, his blood sugar is out of control severely. And his blood pressure is 140-150/80-90. His 24-hour urinary protein quantity is 2.67g/24h, creatinine level is 196umol/L, uric acid is 536umol/L

After receiving treatment, by using the natural treatments, including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicate Bath,Enema Therapy, Foot Bath and oral form of Chinese herb medicines and Acupuncture Therapy, patients have a good recovery. And they have excellent mental health, and symptom of fatigue and chippings-like substances disappear. What is more, he can see the words on the phone clearly even when he does not wear glasses. And he also can have urination easily, beside, there are a lot of floccules in his urine. His creatinine level is 163umol/L, uric acid is 353umol/L, 24-hour urinary protein quantity is 0.58g/24h.

                                                                     The indicators of blood sugar before and after treatment 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps Lead a Normal Life
  before treatment  after treatment

Fasting plasma glucose

8.3mmol/L 5.3mmol/L
two hours after breakfast  15.8mmol/L
before lunch  17.3mmol/L 9.8mmol/L
two hours after lunch  16.8mmol/L 6.1mmol/L
before dinner  12mmol/L 8.2mmol/L
two hours after dinner  13mmol/L 7.8mmol/L
3 AM                           9.8mmol/L   4.9mmol/L

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