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Is Herbal Treatment OK for Patients with FSGS in Children

2016-02-06 11:23

Is Herbal Treatment OK for Patients with FSGS in ChildrenOver a year, Jason’ mom worry about Jason so much, it is not only Jason is a naughty boy, but also Jason got kidney disease caused by a cold.

September at last year, Jason has a cold, which is a normal thing. So his mom did not pay much attention to it. Jason was well after taking some medications. However, she found that although his condition is well, there is severe swelling on his eyelid and lower legs. They were told that his proteinuria is 3+ and hemoglobin is decreased to 30g/L and then, his son was diagnosed with FSGS. She never thought that cold can lead to kidney disease. And then, The doctor advised hospitalization for Jason.

He was suggested to use steroids and diuretics to control his condition and his mom was told that this is the best way to control the kidney disease progression. Although he know that it is not a good thing for him to use steroids, there is nothing she can do with his son’s disease. A month later, the swelling on his body disappear and the protein in his urine is reduced.

She did not expect that his condition is relapsed again and again. As time goes by, a outgoing boy become silent. When they found Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, his condition is not good. The doctor said that although steroids treatment takes highly effects in reliving his symptoms, it is just a temporary method. Here, Chinese herbal medicines has been used to treat kidney disease fundamentally. Here, we use herbal medicines to help patients enjoy a life as other children do. Besides which, Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath and oral form of Chinese Medicine have been applied to eliminate immune complexes deposited in blood, which provides a health internal environment to repair the diseased cells and tissues and recover their normal function. As a result, all of poisoning symptoms can be relived fundamentally. Because Jason is a child, the renal doctor need to pay special attention to the medications.

Time is the only standard to check the effectiveness of these treatments, let’s wait for the good news for him.

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