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Herbal Medicine Gives me the Second Chance to Live on

2016-02-25 17:15

RUTAGENGWA, who is from Rwanda, has kidney failure. And he was told that he have to rely on dialysis three times a week to maintain the rest of your life. He never thought that he this is the final result.Herbal Medicine Gives me the Second Chance to Live on

2009, RUTAGENGWA was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. And the protein in urine is 1+, creatinine level is just 120μmoI/L. And the renal doctor did not do any effective measures to control it.

2010, RUTAGENGWA suffered from headache suddenly, at this time, his creaitnine was up to 320μmoI/L, and he was recommended to take proper diet to control the illness progression.

January, 2011, he was found that his ceatinine is up to 960μmoI/L, and he was suggested to undergo dialysis three times a week.

Herbal Medicine Gives me the Second Chance to Live on

The problem is that undergoing dialysis three times a week does not improve his illness condition. May,2012, he did not produce urine at all, but his creatinine is still between 1200 and 1400μmoI/L before dialysis and creatinine level is 820-940μmoI/L after dialysis. After 4 years, his creatinine level is up to 1330μmoI/L and he have no urine at all.

Herbal Medicine Gives me the Second Chance to Live on

So, the purpose that he came to China and receive treatment is very simple, he needs to control his high creatinine level and prevent the size of kidney cysts from enlarging. Why he has such a simply idea ? It is because 6 years’ treatment makes him think that it is very difficult to be treated well and he was told that dialysis is the best way to treat this disease. And kidney transplantation does not takes any effects to reverse his condition. When he was admitted in our hospital, many renal doctor had a consultation based on his condition. And they make a treatment plan, the first step is to improve his immunity. He never thought that his creatinine level could be reduced. After taking the herbal medicines a period of time, his creatinine level is reduced to 1039μmoI/L to 1330μmoI/L. After dialysis, his creatinine is reduced to 434μmoI/L. The main purpose of dialysis is to eliminate toxic substances and wastes products in blood. However, the clearing rate is slower than the production rate. Because of this, you experience higher and higher creatinine level after dialysis.

Herbal Medicine Gives me the Second Chance to Live onYou kidney disease can not be treated well. His creatinine level is reduced by taking natural treatments. The most exciting thing for him is that the size of kidney and kidney cysts is shrunk.
Herbal Medicine Gives me the Second Chance to Live on
We wish that there is always a surprise occurring on him.

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