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Jefer’s Story in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

2016-04-13 11:42

Jefer’s Story in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese MedicinePatient’s name: Jefery White

Age : 26

Illness condition : chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic kidney failure and metabolic acidosis

More details about his condition:

In order to prevent his condition from getting deteriorating, he asked to visited our hospital again. When he came to our hospital,a comprehensive test has been done to check his health condition and we found that his creatinine level was 207umol/L, blood urea nitrogen was 9.0mol/L, uric acid was 537umol/L. Since all of these indicators of his condition are higher than normal range, he begin to experience various poisoning symptoms and other complications. Anemia and headache are the most common symptoms he experienced frequently. When he came to our hospital, his appearance is so bad and mental condition is also bad.

Regarding on his condition, many renal experts who have authority to treat kidney disease made a consultation together and they put forward a treatment plan for him. This plan contains these natural treatments including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bat, Foot Bath. Therefore. In the meanwhile, western medicines are also applied to control his clinical symptoms temporarily. Otherwise, his life would be threatened by these symptoms and complications.

First of all, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is used to repair kidney damage and restore his kidney function through a way of extending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, degrading extracellular materix, reliving inflammation and coagulation in blood. In this therapy, there are numerous herbal medicines prescribed for patients according to their specific illness condition. Additionally, Medicated Bath is also offered for patients to promote their blood circulation and extend blood vessels. In Medicated Bath, you have to take a bath into medicated water for about 30-40 minutes. During the process of this treatment, you are bound to sweat a lot, therefore, large amount of wastes products and toxic substances would be eliminated out of body along with large amount of sweat and urine.

With our treatments for several weeks, his creatinine level is 172omol/L, blood urea nitrogen is 7.2mmol/L, uric acid is 210umol/L.

Are you interested in this story, do you want to know more details about his story? Please send your present condition to The renal doctor will analyze your illness condition accurately and then reply you as soon as possible.

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