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A Diabetic Patient in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

2016-06-20 11:39

A Diabetic Patient in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease HospitalName: Somaya

Age :38

Gender: Female

Country : Sudan

Illness Condition Diabetic with kidney damage

8 years ago, she begun to experience swelling on lower legs because of a cold. He does not have Frequent urination, headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Blood pressure was 120/90mmHg, hemoglobin 126g/L, proteinuria 2+, creatinine level 89umol/L, blood urea 207 umol/L. And then, she was suggested to take western medications to control swelling. And he was suggested that he should have good rest and avoid over tired. 3 years ago, she experienced swelling on lower legs because of catching a cold. Besides, she also suffered from fatigue, headache, anemia and dizziness. Blood pressure was 160/100 mmHg, hemoglobin 96g/L, proteinuria 3+, hematuria +, creatinine 192umol/L, blood urea was 423umol/L. For the rest of few months, her blood pressure was controlled between 120-140/80-100mmHg, proteinuria 1+-2+, serum creatinine was controlled between 200-290umol/L. 2months ago, she experienced swelling on lower legs once again, creatinine level was 352umol/L. However, the current medications can not control the illness condition effectively. In order to receive good treatment, she came to our hospital.

In our hospital, a special treatment called Toxins -Removing Treatment is provided for patients to eliminate various wastes products out of body. This is a therapy aiming at eliminating various wastes products fundamentally. And this is a special treatment in our hospital. Before using medications of kidney problem, cleaning blood is a important step to do. As long as blood is cleaned, a internal environment is provided to repair the diseased cells and tissues, besides, it is helpful for improving the efficiency of kidney disease treatment. In addition to, herbal medicines are also used to clear away various toxic substances outside and inside of cells. More importantly, one of advantages of our hospital is to accurate diagnosis with advanced kidney disease detecting techniques.

By taking this treatment, his illness condition get improved a lot. All of symptoms she experienced before disappear and then her mental condition is also improved.

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