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Toxins-Removing Treatment Helps me Keeps away from Dialysis

2016-07-08 15:18

Toxins-Removing Treatment Helps me Keeps away from DialysisHe is a 29 years old patient and he started to experience low back pain a few days ago, but he didn’t pay attention to it. And then, he suffered from swelling on lower legs. And then, he was diagnosed with kidney failure. If you are interested in this story, please read on. You also can add WhatsApp/Wechat+8618203203537. We will try our best to help you.

He went to many hospitals and receive many treatments, but his disease relapses again and again. One day, he hear Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital by one of his friends from his ward. And then, he decided to come to our hospital. After arriving at our hospital, his creatinine level was 742 umol/L, 24 hour urinary protein was 11g. Since many toxins and wastes products build up in your body, every organs in his body is damaged a lot. Therefore, the renal doctor decided to do dialysis to maintain the life. Toxins-Removing Treatment Helps me Keeps away from DialysisAnd then, we use special treatments in our hospital to reduce the elevated creatinine level. The most common one is Toxins-Removing Treatment.

The reason why his disease keeps high occurrence is because that there are lots of herbal medicines and wastes products building up in blood. The deposition of toxic substances and wastes products not only make further damage to your kidney function, but also affect the efficiency of kidney treating medications. Therefore, the most important thing for treating kidney disease is to eliminate various wastes products and toxic substances firstly and then we give proper treatment to eliminate various wastes products and toxic substances out of body properly. Here, we mainly use herbal medicines to eliminate various wastes Toxins-Removing Treatment Helps me Keeps away from Dialysisproducts and toxins out of body . Because the herbal medicines can achieve the function of eliminating various wastes products and toxic substances out of blood. In order to achieve its efficiency, the herbal medicines are refined into powder.

By taking this treatment, his elevated creatinine level is reduced to 433 umol/L from 742 umol/L and 24 hour urinary protein quantity is reduced to 4.92g from 11g.

Toxins-Removing Treatment Helps me Keeps away from DialysisIf you are interested in this story please send your present condition to The renal doctor will analyze your illness condition accurately and then reply you as soon as possible.


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